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And Bryn Donovan’s blog about writing,, is a treasure trove of free writing tools and resources for writers. Here are just a few popular posts.

Physical Descriptions

Check out the helpful long list of words and phrases for writers.

young biracial woman writing and looking up

Romance Plot Ideas

Read through 50 versatile love story ideas to get your imagination going.

close up on hands linked together, romantic ocean in background

Supernatural Creatures and Fantasy Animals

Get inspired for your fantasy story! This very long list includes helpful links.

a stone dragon

Internal Conflict Examples

Learn the definition of this essential element of fiction and read through 25 examples.

man with inner conflict, arms crossed

List of Talents

These 125 skills and talents can inspire your character development.

a trophy and a ribbon for unique talents

How to Write Two Characters Talking at Once

Learn how to handle this in dialogue, and check out the examples.

two people talking at once in an argument