Special Services

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It’s Time to Level Up

Better Writing Now!

$150/5,000 words

This service is designed for authors who want to improve their storytelling skills and their writing style quickly on a limited budget.

Both Bryn and Gill will review the first 5,000 words of your novel or other project. Then, we’ll identify your THREE CORE STRENGTHS as a writer, so you can make the most of them! We’ll also point out many ways to improve both the storytelling and the writing style. You can apply these insights to the rest of your draft and on new projects going forward.

Query and Synopsis Feedback

$150/one pass, $250/two passes

(You can use this service even if you haven’t written one word of the draft…to make sure the story stays on track!)

Drawing on her experience in reading thousands of query letters, Bryn will review the first draft of your query letter (one page) and synopsis (five pages maximum, double-spaced), making suggested rewrites to increase your chances of standing out from the slush pile. If you signed up for two passes, you revise your query letter and synopsis, she’ll edit it again and polish it up.

Let’s do this!

Email us at luckyauthor1@gmail.com to book a service today.